В Англии тысячи магазинов закроются на Рождество.

Кто закрыт на Рождество?

В Великобритании тысячи магазинов не откроются 24, 25 и 26 декабря, три выходных дня получат сотрудники магазинов чтобы провести Рождество вне работы, но некоторые магазины продлили время доступа к подаркам в преддверии праздника. 

Время работы также может измениться на Рождество и Новый год, поэтому всегда лучше проверить, прежде чем отправляться в магазин за подарком.

Рождество в Великобритании отмечается 25 декабря.

Все супермаркеты будут закрыты как на Рождество, так и в День подарков.

Дискаунтер Aldi – будет закрыт на всё Рождество, супермаркеты Aldi также будут закрыты в первый день Нового года.

Home Bargains будут закрыты на Рождество, придется подождать до 27 декабря, популярный ритейлер также будет закрыт в первый день Нового 2024 года.

Waitrose & Partners закроет все 364 магазина на два дня чтобы отпраздновать Рождество в кругу семьи.

John Lewis & Partners также закроет все магазины как на Рождество, так и на День подарков.

Все 400 магазинов M&S закроются на Рождество, чтобы дать своим сотрудникам заслуженный отдых.

После того, как ритейлер закроется в канун Рождества, он откроется 27 декабря, однако с 18 по 22 декабря все магазины будут работать дольше.

В Великобритании с 27 декабря и в канун Нового года большинство магазинов будут работать в обычном режиме а вот 1 января 2024 года будут отдыхать. 

Закрытие магазинов на Рождество и Новый год — это способ сказать всем работникам торговли большое спасибо!

Рождество в  Англии превращает мрачную страну в чудесное волшебное место.

Thousands of shops to close for three days this Christmas

Some have also extended opening hours in the run-up to the big day

THOUSANDS of shops are set to close for up to three days over Christmas to give staff more time to spend with their families.

If you look forward to hitting the sales over the festive period you might want to make a note of these dates.

Most stores across the UK are closed on Christmas Day, but many open up again on Boxing Day for the sales.

Queues of shoppers can often be seen snaking along the high street at 6am in the morning waiting for some shops to open their doors.

So if you are one of those people looking forward to a Boxing Day bargain, you might want to take notice of our list.

Some retailers will not be re-opening on December 26 this year to allow hardworking staff more time off with their families.

Not only that, some retailers will remain closed on New Year’s Day too, meaning three fewer shopping days over the festive period.

Opening times may also change over Christmas and New Year, so it is always best to check before venturing out.

You can check the opening times of most stores by using the store locator tool on the retailers’ website.

However, to save you a job, we have pulled together a list of the ones we know about that will be shut for two or three days this Christmas:


Discounter Aldi is one of the retailers that will remain closed on Boxing Day.

They will also be shut on Christmas Day, as it is each year.

Richard Thornton, communications director at Aldi, said: “We recognise that Christmas is an important time for many of our colleagues, and keeping our stores closed on Boxing Day gives them more time to spend with their families.”

Aldi supermarkets will also be closed on New Year’s Day.

Remember to check closing times on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, as stores may be operating reduced opening hours.

Home Bargains

Home Bargains will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so any shopping hauls will need to wait until December 27.

The popular retailer will also be closed on New Year’s Day.

Home Bargains said the move is designed to enable its colleagues to “enjoy the festivities” and spend time with loved ones.

Opening times will also be shortened, and the retailer will close all of its stores early on Christmas Eve.

Its stores will pull the shutters down at 5pm instead of its usual 8pm or 9pm, meaning staff can kick off the celebrations early this year.

A spokesperson for Home Bargains said: “We know how hard all our colleagues have worked throughout the year.

“Being a family-run business, we recognise the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones.

“Therefore, we feel it is only right to support our valued store teams by giving them extended time off around Christmas and New Year.”


Iceland confirmed to us that it will close on Boxing Day to give staff a well-earned break.

Most Iceland stores are open from 7am or 8am until 7pm, and in some cities, stores are open until 9pm.

Do check the retailer’s website for exact opening hours over the festive period, as they can vary.


Discounter Lidl will pull down the shutters on all of its shops on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Lidl has 960 stores across the UK and has said that most of its shops will also remain closed on Boxing Day.

It is not an unusual move for the supermarket chain as it has closed on Boxing Day for the past few years.


Poundland will close on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day this year.

Despite December 26 being a busy day for shoppers the retailer is staying closed to give staff a “well-earned break”.

Simon Wells, people director at Poundland, said: “We really appreciate how hard our colleagues work during the year and closing the stores on these additional days over Christmas and New Year is our way of saying thank you to them – not least because this quarter has been especially busy with new store openings.”

Poundland has closed its doors on Boxing Day for the past three years.


Waitrose & Partners will close all 364 stores for two days at Christmas to give staff time to spend with family and friends.

All the supermarkets will be closed on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

From December 27 and New Year’s Eve, the majority of shops will trade normal hours.

However, it is still always worth checking the opening times of your local store.

The retailer has changed its opening hours at stores on New Year’s Day and some shops will be opening as normal for trading but with reduced hours.

John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners will also shut all stores on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

It is advisable to check the times of individual stores as opening times can vary.

However, the majority of department stores will open from 9am-8pm between December 27 and New Year’s Eve.

You can find your nearest store and check the opening times by using the branch finder page on the brand’s website.

For people of Manchester wanting their shopping fix, the retailer’s department store at Manchester’s Trafford Centre will be open on New Year’s Day, and all other shops will be closed.

Marks and Spencer

All 400 M&S stores will close for two days over Christmas to give its staff a well-earned break.

Once the retailer closes on Christmas Eve it will not reopen again until December 27.

However, all its stores will be open for longer between December 18 and December 22.

Stores will open as early as 6am and close at 10pm, giving people more of a chance to get their shopping in.

A number of its stores will be open until 10pm on December 23 and 4pm on Christmas Eve.

You can check the opening times for your local branch by using the retailer’s store locator tool on its website.

The Range/Wilko

CDS Superstores who own The Range and Wilko is to shut its more than 200 stores on Boxing Day.

It has been a busy year for the group which acquired the Wilko brand after it fell into administration.

CDS Superstores chief executive officer said: “It’s been an incredible year and I can’t thank all our hard-working team members enough.

“We believe everyone deserves a well-earned break over the festive season, so we’ve taken the decision to close for the two-day break, no exceptions.”

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